The school prepares students for the All India Secondary and Senior school Certificate Examinations eventually.

1.English 6.Social Sciences
2. Language – Tamil/ Hindi 7.Work Experience
3. Language – Hindi  
4. Mathematics 8.Physical and Health Education
5. Science 9.Art Education
Work Experience

Under Work Experience, Computer Science is offered. The Students shall opt for this from Std I to IX

Physical and Health Education

It is compulsory for all the students. However, physically disabled students could obtain exemption from the Board on submission of authorised medical certificate through the school.

General Foundation Course Physical and Health Education

It is covered under Literary and Debating Association (L. D. A.) with the following activities.

Literary Activities : Turn Coat, Elocution (Eng & Lang)
General Knowledge : Science and General Quiz
Fine Arts Activities : Western, Classical, and Instrumental Music, Dance, Drawing & Painting, Scrap Art.